Asspocalypse Now – Lets Napalm/Nuke this bitch

This is a very short post. Its aim is to very briefly set out my treatment plan, at least as it presently stands.

Week 1 – Chemotherapy

3.5hrs in the hospital having a concoction known as FOLFOX6 intravenously (along with anti-nausea meds).

48hr continuous infusion via pump which I get to have at home from Monday – Wednesday.

Week 2 – Rest

I think by ‘rest’ they actually mean “not feeling like death warmed up” but we’ll see.

Weeks 3-5 – Chemoradiation

The double whammy. Chemo tablets in the morning and evening, and radiation at some stage during the day.

Week 6 – Chemo

Week 7 – Rest

Weeks 8-10 – Chemoradiation

Week 11 – Chemo

Week 13-17 – Surgery at some stage

Review and likely same chemo over again

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